Editable Christmas Elves Ornaments Holiday 1 inch Bottle Cap Images for Hairbows, Bracelets, Jewelry

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Product name Editable Christmas Elves Ornaments Holiday 1 inch Bottle Cap Images for Hairbows, Bracelets, Jewelry
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Ornament Holiday 1 inch images to decorate as you please. This is a digital file that you will be able to print yourself or have printed professionally, including by VistaPrint
* I N C L U D E S *
• One sided premade design
* H O W I T W O R K S *
You will receive a 4x6 inch sheet in 300 dpi quality through INSTANT DOWNLOAD with Youneik. The images shown here contain a watermark, but the images you receive will not be watermarked. I recommend using a 1 inch hole punch.
To edit these images I suggest you use your standard Paint program or any photoshop type program. There are a couple of free ones on the internet, here is one that I know will work for sure: www.gimp.org
* P O L I C I E S *
Although unique and original, this design is NOT one-of-a-kind and will be sold again. No shipping charged as this is a digital image which will be emailed. You will not receive anything in the mail!
~ By purchasing these images you are agreeing to the following:
You may use these images for personal use for creating things such as jewelry, keychains and such. You may print these images as many times as you like.
Please do not reproduce or resell these images as your own!! Do not duplicate, copy, distribute, recreate or share the graphics with anyone else in any other form under any circumstances.
Please do not resell as precut images!
I DO NOT own the rights to these images nor do I claim ownership. You are paying for my time to find, edit, and create the sheet for your craft needs.
THANK YOU for shopping with DigiGraphics4u
Seller Digigraphics4u
Company DigiGraphics4u
Company Name DigiGraphics4u
State / Province California   Lincoln
Country United States

Welcome to DigiGraphics4u, selling digital Images, graphics, printable's, instant downloads for jewelry, charms, bows, cupcake toppers, magnets, invitations and more made by DigiGraphics4u. Unique images premade in many different styles and selections. Custom orders are welcomed by DigiGraphics4u.

~HOURS~ 6am to 7pm (PST), off on Sundays

Thank you for stopping by my store! I have many digital images and graphics you can instantly download from invitations, paracord shoelace charms to bottlecap images and more. I hope you find what you need and more! Don't see what you are looking for? Send me a convo and I will be more than happy to help you. Thank you for looking at my shop!

What is so great about a digital image?

Let me count the way.

1. Cheap! You pay one price. You print or take to the printer.

2. You design or pick from ready made.

3. You don’t have to wait forever for custom invitations. Most places take 4 to 6 weeks to print and deliver and you have tax, shipping and handling! They also charge you per invitation. If you buy them from the store you get what everyone else has and you have to fill them out by hand or run them off on the computer trying to line them up. What a hassle. Digital images take 1-3 days. Depending on your order.

5. You can custom design a digital image invitation or party favor for your unique party. After all the party is about you right?

6 You can email your invitation. What? Yes. Ever plan the party at the last minute or friend moved and you don’t have their address? Email the invitation.

7. You can send your invitation out on Facebook or other social social sites. Go for it! Just up load your invitation and pow! The word is out. You can also get a matching email reminder to send out to your guests to remind them of your party. Sometimes people forget not a good thing, when you are throwing a surprise party.

8. Party favors. You can get matching party favors. You can customize those too and save even more money.

9. You don’t have to go anywhere. You stay home. You save gas, time and money buy sitting at your computer. Clicking on my website and ordering your image. Bam! In a day you get your images.

10. The money you saved you spend on party gifts, food and maybe something for yourself. :)

Yes, Digital Images make sense. Get started on that party today!
Have a great day! :)

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